Lost Nuclear Bombs

Occasionally I come across some pretty interesting information when researching material for a novel. This information on lost nuclear bombs is probably the most remarkable thing I’ve found so far. Of note, there are no listings for British, Indian, Israeli or Pakistani lost bombs. Have they really not lost any?

An Estimated 92 Lost Nuclear Bombs Rest at These 15 Sites
(Map Locations are Approximate and Based on Best Available Data)

1. Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank in the Barents Sea.
2. A B-47 bomber carrying two nuclear weapon cores in their carrying cases disappeared over the Mediterranean Sea.
3. An American B-36 bomber jettisoned a bomb into the Pacific Ocean.
4. A C-124 transport aircraft was having mechanical problems and jettisoned two nuclear weapons without their fissile cores off the east coast of the United States.
5. Savannah River, Georgia. A nuclear weapon without a fissile core was lost following a mid-air collision. (Tybee Beach bomb)
6. Off Whidbey Island, Washington-A U.S. Navy P-5M aircraft carrying an unarmed nuclear depth charge without its fissile core crashed into Puget Sound
7. USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) in the Pacific Ocean an A-4E Skyhawk strike aircraft carrying a nuclear weapon rolled off an elevator on the U.S. aircraft carrier and fell into the sea. (Japanese island chain of Ryukyu)
8. The USS Scorpion sank 400-500 miles southwest of the Azores. (It was carrying unidentified nuclear weapons.)
9. Nuclear device from Thor rocket fell into the Pacific Ocean near Johnston Atoll
10. Another Thor rocket lost its payload near Johnston Atoll. (Yes, a second one.)
11. Three nuclear bombs were jettisoned in the Indian Ocean by a U.S. Air Force B-52
12. The K-219, (1968) a Soviet Golf II class (Project 629M) diesel-powered ballistic missile submarine armed with three nuclear SS-N-5 missiles, sank in the Pacific, about 750 miles northwest of the Island of Oahu, Hawaii.
13. The K-8, a Soviet November class (Project 627A) nuclear-powered attack submarine, sank in the Atlantic Ocean 300 miles northwest of Spain. (2 nuclear torpedoes, 34 nuclear warheads)
14. The K-219, (1986) a Soviet Yankee class (Project 667A) nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine armed with 16 SS-N-6 missiles (two warheads each) and probably also two nuclear torpedoes, sank 600 miles northeast of Bermuda.
15. The K-278 Komsomolets, the Soviet Mike class (Project 685) nuclear-powered attack submarine sank off northern Norway. (2 nuclear torpedoes)

http ://www .factivism.com/content/view/94/33/ no longer a valid link

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